Submission Responses

Responses and additional explanation:

A) If your response reads "The topic is not right for Conversely", one or several of the following applies to the topic you chose:

  • Not about romantic relationships between women and men
  • A topic that is clichéd or not appropriate - see Topics to Avoid for a (non-exhaustive) list of topics in this category
  • A topic we've already published, perhaps recently
  • A topic of interest to, or specially targeted at, either women or men, but not both
  • For fiction: gothic, sci-fi, erotica or other non-mainstream genres

B) If your response reads "The style/writing is not right for Conversely", one or several of the following applies to your style or writing in general (keep in mind, these value judgments are in relation to what Conversely looks for):

  • Too serious or presumptuous
  • Too academic
  • Preachy, or "how-to", or generally trying to teach a lesson explicitly
  • Too light, simplistic, or slap-stick humor
  • Sappy and/or clichéd
  • Writing quality not what we expect

C) If your response simply reads "we won't be able to use it" and does not cite either of the two specific reasons above, it means that the topic is appropriate for us and that we felt your style/writing is generally consistent with what Conversely likes to publish. It also means the reason for our rejection is more subtle. It could be anything from "it just didn't work for us" to "it's great but we sometimes have to turn down excellent submissions simply because we get more than we can publish." While we can't offer you more specific reasoning, you can at least rule out the rejection reasons (A and B) cited above. We know this information will never be the same as a personalized response, but please understand that time constraints and limited resources preclude us doing this for every writer.

Sometimes writers submit to us without being familiar with our guidelines. Click here if you want to read them now. Of course, we also recommend you read some of the articles already published to get a feel for what we like.

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