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We believe that a romantic relationship is a crazy thing that grows out of words and actions, emotions and intentions, accidents and illusions. And lurking beneath this thing is an intricate web of motivations (frequently neglected, always confusing)—a mysterious recess where feelings originate. We think there is, in probing these hidden places, a compelling, rewarding, perhaps even perverse pleasure.

We also believe that you can't take relationships, like most things in life, too seriously. We like the idea of smart, edgy commentary, but we like it even more if it's combined with humor and creativity. We think delving from new angles and hazarding multiple, preferably contrary opinions, is one great way to get things in the right perspective—though of course we have no idea what the right perspective is.

Our goal is a publication for women and men that is dedicated to exploring relationships—every aspect, every stage—through different forms of writing: advice, essays, memoirs, fiction, etc. This is not a romance magazine—this isn't the place for "Sleepless in Seattle." We think the topic of relationships is much broader and interesting than finding true love (even if we all, of course, want that too).


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