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Please fill out the information below (all fields marked with an asterisk <*> are required). At the bottom of the page you will have the option of Uploading your submission as a file or Pasting the text. Once you have selected one of the two options, and pasted your text if you selected 'Paste text', hit the 'Send It' button.

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Verify e-mail:
*Phone number:
Conversely needs your phone number in case we are unable to contact you via e-mail. We regret we cannot consider submissions that are not accompanied by a phone number. If you live overseas, please include country code and also provide the city and country (below) where you live so we know when not to call you!
City and country:

*Title of your submission:
*Category: Antidote [word count: 750-2,000]
Personals [word count: 750-2,500]
Stories [word count: 750-3,000]
Unhinged [word count: 750-3,000]
*Word count:
We need the word count to help us determine if your submission was successfully received. You can provide an estimated count as long as you are within 10%.
*Is this a simulatneous submission? Check for "Yes"
Conversely does not accept submissions of previously published material, with certain exceptions as explained in our guidelines.
*Has this submission been published before? No
Yes — If "Yes" please tell us briefly about your prior publication so we can determine if it meets our exception criteria.
Explanation (max 1000 characters—about 200 words)
Brief comments / cover letter (max 2000 characters—about 400 words)

Please choose one of the two options below to send us your submission, then hit the 'Send It' button.

If you choose 'Upload file', you will be directed to another page where you can input the file name.

If you select 'Paste text', please use the 'Pasted text' box below to paste the text of your submission in directly. The limit on the number of characters that can be pasted is 32,000 (or roughly 2,500 words). If your submission is larger than that, select the 'Upload file' option instead.

*Submission method: Upload
Paste (make sure to paste the text of your submission into the box below)
Paste text:


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