Conversely, Inc. ("Conversely") maintains this web site (the "Site") as a service to its users of the Site (the "Users"). By using this Site, you agree to comply with and be bound by the Terms and Conditions. This "Privacy Policy" is hereby incorporated in those Terms and Conditions, and capitalized terms used, but not defined herein, have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions. PLEASE READ THIS PRIVACY POLICY CAREFULLY, AND PLEASE CHECK THIS PRIVACY POLICY PERIODICALLY FOR CHANGES.

Conversely collects and uses information from Users in several ways. Unless noted below, or specifically at the time of collection, any personal information of Users collected is not shared or sold to any other person or entity.

1. Personal Information.

We collect names and e-mail addresses of Users for purposes of advice, questions, topic suggestions, letters to the editor or other instances in which our Users submit requests or information to us. In the event that Conversely decides to require registration of Users (either for access to the entire Site or to specific parts of it or otherwise), we may collect additional information required for such a process.

Personal information may be used by Conversely to send appropriate responses or otherwise communicate with our Users regarding questions, letters or other inquiries sent to us. Users may request Conversely bulletins or full-text articles be sent to them on a regular basis. In such cases, we will use personal information to complete those requests. Users may also request our "e-mail it to a friend" feature; in this case, we use the User's and the recipient's (i.e., friend's) e-mail addresses only for this purpose.

2. Traffic data and Cookies.

Conversely collects information about the origin of Users (e.g., previous site visited from which Conversely is reached) and patterns of use of the Site (pages visited, sequence, length of stay, etc.). This data is analyzed in aggregate and used for marketing, advertising and other purposes. However, use of this aggregate data cannot be traced or linked back to any individual User.

Cookies (i.e., data sent to a browser by a web server and stored in the User's computer) are used from time to time to track usage through the Site. Cookies may also be used by other companies that advertise on our site. If your browser preferences are set to disallow cookies, you may not be able to use all of the Site Content or the features on our Site.

3. Submissions.

Users may also submit to us the content of: letters to the editor, advice, questions, topic suggestions for the Antidote column or the Open Mike forum, submissions and survey input for Open Mike, ratings (grades) on individual articles, comments posted on our message boards, and any other such information requested by Conversely. Such material is known as "Submissions" in the Terms and Conditions, and for a more detailed explanation of use and rights related to these Submissions, please refer to those Terms and Conditions.

4. Children.

Conversely does not collect information from Users that Conversely knows are under 18. In addition, Conversely complies will all worldwide laws and regulations concerning privacy of children.

5. Other.

This Privacy Policy does not protect any information posted by you in a Chat Room. Please be careful with the personal information you share in the Chat Rooms. In the event that you post personal information in a Chat Room that you would like to be removed, please contact us at this e-mail.

This Privacy Policy notwithstanding, Conversely will comply with all laws, treaties, regulations, ordinances, court orders or other requests by other government or law enforcement authority.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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