Sample Topics for Writers

Please keep in mind that you should use these sample topics only as a guide to choosing your own, since most of them have either been assigned or have already been done. If you absolutely must write about one of these, send us an inquiry to this e-mail.

Also, please see further below for a list of topics to avoid.

Sample topics

  • Dating back in my grandmother's day—how it compares to today.

  • Why is the grass always greener? Why are some people never satisfied with what they have?

  • Why do nice guys/girls finish last? Is this really true? What does being nice mean?

  • Can you have too many friends of the opposite sex? What is too many, and how does it affect relationships?

  • Differentiating between love and infatuation - which is which?

  • Couple counseling—do you need it?

  • Dating services—we tried them and here's what we found.

  • Two years after the marriage: impressions from him and her.

  • Sensitive questions—how do you bring up the issue of blood tests?

  • What does it mean for a man if a woman makes him wait for sex?

Topics to avoid

Before choosing a topic, consider whether it's one that has been overused. Please avoid abused, clichéd topics.

Don't try the ones listed below unless you think you have something truly different to say.

  • Painful breakups

  • Love at first sight

  • How I found and fell in love with the perfect person

  • Men are from mars, women are...

  • How-to guides (or anything that preaches or pretends to teach a lesson or impart wisdom very overtly)

  • Explicit sex


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