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So, how old are you, anyway?
From the 08/02 - 05/03 Three-Minute Survey

  • Relationships with age gaps are more common than one would think—over two-thirds of those surveyed have had one

  • Despite the prevalence of age-gap relationships, most people (men and women) prefer relationships with partners of the same age

  • Both men and women agree that relationships where the man is older than the woman are more likely to succeed than the opposite

  • Which would explain why, among those who prefer age differences, men clearly prefer younger women, while women clearly prefer older men

  • More women than men see age-gap relationships as "worse" than same-age relationships

Have you ever been in a relationship where the age difference was 'larger than normal,' in your view?

If you had one such relationship, how would you rate the success of that relationship?

How big an age difference do you consider 'larger than normal'?

All other things being equal, would you prefer to be with someone roughly your same age, or someone older or younger?

It's more common to find couples where the man is older than the woman by a 'larger than normal' difference. Do you think this is more or less likely to succeed than the opposite (woman older than the man)?

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