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Parallax - Advice            July 31, 2000

   Mismatched bras and panties!

Dear Conversely, Ask us a Question!

On a recent trip to a lingerie store, I noticed they're promoting mismatched sets of bras and panties. Like electric pink with purple. I asked some of my male friends if they thought this was attractive. Most said they didn't think it was such a big deal. I think it's so unfashionable and many of my friends agree. Is it so fashionable to be uncoordinated in your underwear?

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Her view:

Dear Unfashionable,

I don't think guys really care about coordination when they're looking at your underwear. Particularly because if they're seeing it - it's usually in the process of trying to get you out of it. And remember, guys are not the most fashionable creatures on this Earth so don't overestimate your audience.

I can imagine a constituency that would be attracted to the bright wild colors - and who cares if they match. Underwear is not a fashion show for the world but more a private show for your special guy (or guys, as the case may be). So cater to your beau - if he likes bright colors wear them - nobody else will know they don't match. I have a feeling he won't care at all on the match issue. If you're really concerned, sport a few different ensembles and get some feedback on which ones he likes. He'll probably just tell you since guys like to comment on that kind of thing. And I would go with his favorites. You'll be unmatched but you'll be getting more - and I think that's the ultimate point.

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His view:

Dear Unfashionable,

I am genetically precluded from speaking, much less opining, on fashion - especially women's undergarment fashion. This is a question best left to experts: people (such as my dear colleague), who spend all their time following the bra and panty market.

However, it's hard to resist answering, so from a purely personal point of view I'll say three things:

a) If I actually noticed this discrepancy, I probably wouldn't think too much of it. After all, I do wear mismatched socks occasionally, and those have (I think) a more symmetrical reason to be coordinated.

b) When I asked a friend, she said some women might do that on purpose on the first night they're sleeping with a guy, to make him think they really weren't planning for such a sexy turn of events. But that is giving men way too much credit.

c) Finally: red, blue, green - who cares, as long as they are removable?

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