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September 17, 2001

The meaning of wink

Dear Conversely,

Ask us a Question!I think one of my managers at work likes me. I may be wrong, but you tell me. He's in his twenties and has a girlfriend: I'm nineteen and engaged. I think he's cute. Recently, when I was coming into work, I said, 'Hi,' and he winked and smiled. He has complimented me on my smile, telling me that I have an amazing smile. And whenever my fiancé comes to pick me up, he gives him a hard look. To tell you the truth, I don't know if I'm letting all of this get to my head or if it's actually true. Please answer me. I don't know what to do. Email to a Friend

Her view:

Dear Winky,

This one is easy. You should instantly up and leave your fiancé. Run as fast as you can and start hitting on said guy from work. Trust me. If a wink and a smile have you wondering about what to do, you are 100% with the wrong guy, and you have been with the wrong guy for however long you've been dating him. Frankly, I feel sorry for the poor fellow. He probably has no idea how uncommitted you are to your relationship. I'm more worried about him. He should get some winks and wonder what to do.

Leave right away for both your sakes - don't ponder, wonder, and wait any longer. Don't tell friends the long sordid tale and collect advice from the past experiences of others. Tell your fiancé that a fellow co-worker has winked at you and that you do, in fact, find him cute and are thus leaving. Leave no room for him to win you back. Make it very clear - you have found another. Move on cleanly. Then decide what you shall wear on your date with your complimenting co-worker.

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His view:

Dear Winky,

Well, if I've ever 'met' anyone who was ready for marriage, it's you.

You demonstrate all the characteristics of a mature person who is emotionally stable and understands the implications of a long-term obligation like marriage. You are clearly committed to your fiancé. Isn't he the lucky man? You are a bastion of fidelity, despite the fact that you are still accosted by the most eligible men. What could be better than a man who is older - your boss - who has his own girlfriend (and is cute, too!)?

Even with that rock on your finger and that amazing smile, you still tease him. You still tease us - you try to make us believe that you are actually letting this get to your head! Come on, I don't believe that! You're too smart for that - you're not fooling me, oh no.

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