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April 7, 2003

Sign Language

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Do you know people in love (or those who think they're in love) who can't read signs in a relationship? Who don't know when things aren't working? Or people who want so badly to be loved they create make-believe worlds that become their distorted realities? Meet this week's letter writers. Here are three people with a common problem—they've misread signs and things aren't going well. Can our intuitive advisors give them a little sign language assistance?

Cheater chatter.
He got the word.
 Date: 04/07/03

Language barrier?
 Date: 04/07/03

Good vibrations?
Or hallucinations?
 Date: 04/07/03

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Cheater chatter

Dear Conversely,

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My boyfriend just broke up with me because someone told him that I was cheating on him. I wasn't, but he doesn't believe me. What should I do? His ex-girlfriend (whom I hate) told me he was calling her. Should I believe her? Should I try to get him back or leave it alone?

Her view:

Dear Cheat-sheet,

Frankly, your boyfriend has up and left without buying your explanation, and he has chosen to believe another in determining the fate of your relationship. Whether you like it or not, it is over. He may have been looking for an out—it sounds like he didn't give you too much of a chance to prove your case.

As far as the former girlfriend calling and such, this is extraneous. Your mutual enmity is not pertinent to your dilemma. It is time for you to mosey along and start over. You probably did not have the closest of relationships, since this issue was not even addressable through serious head-on discussions. Nor does it appear an attempt has been made by either party to fully understand what has occurred, and whether or not it is fixable.

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His view:

Dear Cheat-sheet,

I am sure there are some marvelous qualities about your boyfriend that you neglected to mention in your message. Qualities, I presume, that compel you to want to recover him, when he has demonstrated a total lack of confidence in you.

He breaks up with you, he prefers to believe what 'someone' told him, and he listens to what his ex has to say. Yet, still you pine after him.

Why don't you let him step on you and spit on you, too? Perhaps that will be enough to convince you that he's done you a favor by cutting you loose.

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