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March 29, 2004

Chance encounter

Dear Conversely,

Ask us a Question! I recently met this guy at a Christmas party in my hometown. We really clicked and found we shared a lot of the same interests and opinions. We've never been on a date, even though we meant to go, so when I told him I go to college in Georgia, he said we'd keep in touch. Turns out we did, and now he is still interested in seeing me when I come up for spring break. Do we have the potential to be more than just friends, with the situation we are in? Email to a Friend

Her view:

Dear Spring Break,

Yes, of course you have potential. Plenty of couples have happy and healthy long-distance relationships. By the way, he hasn't asked you to marry him, yet. He has simply invited you on a first date. You're over-thinking it. Go out on one date and see what you think. You may, in fact, decide he laughs like a girl and hate that. You may not get to a second date, for all sorts of reasons other than the geography conundrum.

Should the two of you decide you were made for each other, the long distance thing can always be worked out. So don't fret so much. Give it a go, and have a nice time.

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His view:

Dear Spring Break,

You are already overanalyzing this situation way beyond its natural boundaries. For all you know he was just flirting with you and has no intentions of ever seeing you again. Or maybe he simply wants to have someone to sleep with during spring break. In fact, if you want to explore every single possibility, I'm sure friendship is in there, somewhere, and so is marriage.

What you want to do is banish this guy from your thoughts and focus on the guys you interact with on a regular basis—the ones you actually go on dates with. If, and when, you see him again, take it from there and see what happens.

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