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Alan Varty

Next year I hope to start my training as a midwife. Being born is important. No one should miss it.

I'm old enough to be wiser than I am but at least now I realize that. I don't know what happened. I used to know everything.

Alan VartyAnd I used to love everybody - at least those who would let me. There have been a few, thank god. And now, thank god, there's only One (with a couple of little ones).

I tend to mention god a lot, and even God (bless Him or Her or It). I would credit Him (Her/It) in all my writings, but they might want a share in the profits, which would be difficult since I've spent it all.

For me, Life has always got its arm around your shoulder, whispering its secrets to you. Writers are the ones who pass them on.

If you've heard any good secrets recently, let me know.

You can contact Alan Varty at alan_varty@conversely.com.

Alan Varty's writing on Conversely

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When Marje Thew the Big One at Me  From th U.K.
Two tickets to Edinburgh. Capital city bound, Alan's mind, mouth and heart stop for a long, long instant.  Date: 02/1/02

Nothing to It  From th U.K.
But seriously, what do lovers do? Where do they go? These and other questions explored by Mr. Leather Boots.  Date: 12/1/00

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