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Sean Townsend

Finally realizing what I want to do with my life has been a great relief. Realizing that it's writing has been terrifying.

When I was in high school, I wrote a short essay. I think I called it something like "The Folly of Fickle Fashion." It was published in an obscure teen magazine called Zoot, and I was paid for it. That was half my life ago, but it remains the most satisfying twenty-five bucks I ever made.

After university, I quit writing. Then, in 1997, I saw the movie Batman and Robin and decided that something needed to be done. Somewhere in the course of Sean Townsendcomposing a scathing review, my love of writing came back full force. Since then, I've written over a hundred movie reviews, all of which can be found at my website (surf.to/themovies). Like all film critics, I'm highly opinionated and firmly convinced that my opinion somehow matters... and like all film critics, I'm often wrong. I'm still not quite sure whether writing the reviews is an excuse to see more movies, or vice versa. At any rate, the rainy Vancouver winters give me plenty of time to do both.

Aside from movies, I love weak puns, alliteration (see above), books, and my girlfriend, my long acquaintance with whom has also proven most satisfying. I can be reached at sean-102@home.com.

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Unwedded Bliss
Why ruin a great relationship by marrying? After twelve years with one woman, Sean still doesn't see the need for a wedding. Date: 04/1/01

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