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Stephen Nevedomsky

AStephen Nevedomskys far back as I can remember, drawing has always been my number one obsession. As far back as a brain regularly immersed in alcohol will let you remember, at any rate. But looking back, writing was always there. Growing up in a 'John Wayne' household where real men don't cry, I would use my writing as a release. As corny as this may sound, the words that I write, the words that you read, truly are my tears. And I'm proud of every little period, comma, and semi-colon.

I just didn't realize I was any good at it until my wife left me and Conversely decided to pay me for my pain. Strange little business, don't you think?

You can contact Stephen Nevedomsky at Scnevsky@aol.com.

Stephen Nevedonmsky's writing on Conversely

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Nearly Perfect Husband
I cheated on my wife two-and-a-half years ago. I've never forgiven myself. I also never told her. Date: 06/1/01

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