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Cynthia Kim

I sometimes wonder if I'm the only writer on Earth who (A) doesn't have a muse and (B) isn't writing a novel. The second I can attribute to sheer laziness, but the first is source of vague insecurity. I often wonder if I should be tossing out writerly observations like "My muse is on vacation" or "My muse was good to me last night" instead of things like "No, I don't think it's a good idea to epil-stop the dog." When you have thirteen-year-old, you're required to dispense this type of advice with alarming regularity. And a straight face. Maybe this scares the muse away.

No one who knows me would be surprised that my story is in the category subtitled Oddities. My writing springs from random places in my brain. I have no control over it. As best I can tell, the idea for a new story involves protracted negotiations between various non-sequitirs. After weeks of squabbling, some are allowed to stay around and mate, forming something roughly resembling a plot, while others are sent to cool their heels on a beach in Borneo. Are there beaches in Borneo? Research isn't my favorite aspect of writing.

When not writing (or reading), I gravitate toward other tortuous pursuits like trail running, martial arts, hiking, canoeing and pretending to train my beagle. Fortunately, I married a man who thinks all of this is perfectly normal.

If I had any writing credentials of note, say a degree or a workshop or even a night school fiction class at the local high school, I'd put them here. Instead I'll use this space to thank the kind-hearted souls who are brave enough to read my rough drafts and tell me where I'm making less sense than usual.

My stories have appeared in the Cenotaph Pocket Edition and FUTURES Magazine. You can contact me at munggae@lycos.com.

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Summer Rain
Seventeen years since the first summer. Always the rain outside, battering, our shoulders against the doors. Date: 10/01/01

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