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Patti See

I grew up in a small Midwestern town-frequenting taverns with my family-where I was raised on grape Shasta, air hockey, Butterfingers, and intuition. Not a bad combination for a writer in training. As a kid I always wanted to be Ginger Grant, but somehow I ended up the Professor instead. All in all, it has worked out okay.

Patti SeeI work fulltime teaching developmental education courses for college freshmen and supervising tutoring programs for at-risk students, as well as teaching an occasional English class. I also just recently taught a Women's Studies course that I created: "Do-Me Feminism: Culture of the Third Wave." You gotta like a class in which the teacher gets to say f**k the first day. As fun as this is, I'd still like to give it all up and run off to Aruba.

Other recent fun activities in my life include learning how to make popcorn balls without a candy thermometer and kicking my son's butt in our version of "kitchen soccer."

I began writing and publishing as a poet, won some national and local contests, and eventually tried selling a chapbook. I soon discovered there are not many buyers. I dabbled in fiction as an undergraduate and graduate student, and I published a few pieces. I had little discipline back then, and I soon returned to the immediacy of poetry. I started selling non-fiction essays and articles about six years ago, and I committed myself to fiction within the past five years. Something had to give, so I haven't written a poem in so long that I can't remember.

I write as often as I can, mostly because I am a pathological note-taker. Writing is a way for me to find grace in a frenetic life. Writing is my pastime, my love, my life. I have no "hobbies," beyond gathering material and writing. Might sound myopic or even dull to some people, but it's actually a pretty good life.

My stories, poems, and essays have appeared in Salon Magazine, Women's Studies Quarterly, Journal of Developmental Education, The Wisconsin Academy Review, The Southwest Review, as well as many other magazines and anthologies. My book Higher Learning: Reading and Writing About College, co-authored with Bruce Taylor, was published in 2001 by Prentice Hall.

Some of my work has also appeared in The 2River Review, Savoy Magazine, and Skirt Magazine.

I finished my novel Last of the Tomboy Pings about a year ago, and as we speak my agent is shopping it around. "Notes on a Tuesday Date" is an excerpt.

You can reach Patti See at seepk@uwec.edu.

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Notes on a Tuesday Date
Nonchalance links my two lives. And we still think we make even God hold his breath.  Date: 12/01/01

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